Why Palestinian Case Just Booming Now

Afifah Shafa
3 min readJun 4, 2021


Social media platforms with the most widely used such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter filled with bloody videos and Palestinian flags. Start from land robbery in Shaik Jarrah to missiles attack, Palestinian are oppressed, again, as what’s always happen. The difference is that we know that the genocide in Palestine has happened for years, but the world only give a mass response now. Of course, this is a shame for humanity. People start questioning each other, or even themselves, about why it is taking so long for the issues to be booming and spreading widely. Without ignoring the main issues, there are three reasons for explaining this case.

We all know that this cruel tragedy happened while covid-19 still exists which finally made people around the world stay longer with their phones. This situation made all influencers get more audiences and fortunately, many of them are sensitive to social issues including the land robbery in Sheikh Jarrah. All of this unintentionally do the reciprocal process, audiences spread by the awareness of Palestinian cases and influencers got a chance to increase their popularity. For example, there’s a TikTok influencer named Subhi who has made many videos explaining what happens there and what we should do or how we should behave, as people who are not affected directly from this horrible oppression. His video can be found everywhere, reposted and responded by many people.

The second reason is related to Black Lives Matter movement which revived on 26th of May 2020, continued with other social issues protests about women’s rights and May Day, like a trend chain. Trend might be a little bit inappropriate since what we’re talking here is about human rights, yet, it is what it is. People start to feel embarrassed or FOMO if they’re not using their voice for these issues. As a result, Sheikh Jarrah becomes their concern which brought them to the Palestinian case itself that has been going on for years.

The last cause is kind of similar to the first one. If influencers have successfully distributed awareness, some celebrities affect the society only by mentioning which side are they defending. Bella Hadid, together with her sister’s name skyrocketed after uploading some Instagram stories and posts about their empathy for Palestine. News about Bella’s contract with the brand that is affiliated to Israel and criticism from Israel's official Twitter to Bella Hadid followed after that. While there are the Hadid sisters showing their support for Palestine, there is also Gal Gadot who seems to support Israel as her homeland, and Rihanna with her “neutral” side.

Those are three reasons why a genocide that has been happened for more than a half-century only got the world's mass attention in their 73rd years of existence. This concerning fact can’t happen anymore. We shouldn’t treat oppression as a historical story or trend. Keep spreading the awareness, educate each other, and donate, will be some great steps to help Palestinian get their liberation.